Promises for Families Foundation

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San Angelo, Texas


What is Promises for Families?

When a parent is incarcerated, the child goes through a grieving process just as all of us do when a loved one is taken from our midst. It is a grief that remains unrecognized and unvalidated as children attempt to cope with the realities of a hurtful and hidden situation.

Promises for Families is dedicated to providing quality summer camp, after- school mentoring programs and academic tutoring for children with a parent incarcerated, enabling them to work through the grieving process in a positive and healing manner.


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"We have pushed so many of our children into the tumultuous sea of life in leaky boats without survival gear... help us now to give all our children the anchor of faith, the rudder of hope, the sails of education and the paddles of family to keep them going when life's sea gets rough."


Marian Wright Edelman